Sunday, January 02, 2005

Boring Food, Fun Entertainment

Happy 2005! A and I went to Restaurant LuLu to celebrate on New Year's Eve (actually, we went to the XYZ bar first -- one of our fave bars in the city). LuLu was doing the whole prix fixe, first/second seating thing with a live band, party favors, and champagne toast. Our table was great -- it was smack-dab between a warm, open brick oven and dance floor. Aren and I had fun watching the mostly older crowd dance and joined in after finishing our meal. Based on reviews I had read, I knew that LuLu wasn't going to be one of my top restaurant experiences in the city, but expected it to be better than it was. I had plate-cured salmon, seared foie gras, scallops served over a bacon-y risotto, and persimmon bread pudding. The presentation and taste of my food seemed very mass-produced. One of my co-workers recently warned me about his Valentine's day theory. Since the Valentine's crowd is comprised of mostly special-event diners, the top restaurants let their quality slip on the special day since they're not worried about repeat business. Perhaps this theory could account for our New Year's Eve dining experience as well?


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