Monday, May 01, 2006


Our friend Michael was visitng from Seattle last week and enjoyed our guest room ("Michael's Room") Friday night.

After enjoying a Pride Merlot at home, we walked a couple blocks to Delfina to make our 10 pm reservations. The food was good, but not remarkable. We had an earthy red wine, but nothing memorable. I had:

Little gem lettuce with Parmigiano frico and lemon-anchovy vinaigrette

King salmon with melted leeks and meyer lemon-caper butter

Profiteroles with espresso gelato, warm chocolate sauce and candied almonds

In the Italian restaurant scene, A16 does it for me much better then Delfina.

Michael and I may have ganged up on Aren on the way home. Someone asked us if we had a light. Michael and I simply said sorry, no. Aren instead had to say, "No. I do not smoke." Read what you want into Aren's response, but Michael and I thought it was hilarious.


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